2015 Award Winners Announced

Today is a great day! After a month of deliberations, a few weeks to prepare the payments, and a few days notifying the awardees, the Meghan Diane Smith Memorial Scholarship Fund announced its winners for the 2015 season!

2015 saw five applicant essays. All of them showed a good amount of forethought and they were each unique in how the writers viewed the world. A panel of two primary voters with one tie breaker reviewed each essay and in the end, our plan to award two essays turned into a three way tie! With three solid options for this year, we decided to simply award all three!

Due to privacy concerns, we will not disclose any of the award winners publicly on the blog or on the Facebook page. However, we are inviting the winners to join our group. Should they decide to write about the scholarship and what winning the award money meant to them, then we’d certainly welcome their contact and we’ll make that correspondence public as soon as it becomes available.

Once all awards have been paid out, we’ll give a status of the scholarship fund and a map ahead for the 2016 school season! Stay tuned for great things!